King’s Stables Courtyard

Grassmarket, Edinburgh

CLIENT: Peveril Securities / Bowmer+Kirkland


VALUE: £15m Part of a £40m Master Plan

STATUS: Complete

The King’s Stables Courtyard Scheme is a central part of a wider mixed-use development in Edinburgh. This combination of 108-bed apart-hotel, 20 residences and three commercial units sit alongside a 7-storey apartment block and a premium student accommodation scheme and are set within a series of public and semi-private courtyards that reconnect the iconic Grassmarket with the city’s commercial West End.

The architectural language and muted material palette express a restraint that blends into the existing fabric and essential characteristics of the Old Town. Traditional sandstone formalises the frontage on King’s Stables Road while a mix of brickwork, grey cladding and off-white render echo the low-key, industrial materials used on the previous buildings. Eastern edges of the development are domestic in scale, responding to the mews outbuildings and a former tenement that once occupied the site.   Featuring pitched, slate roofs, dormer windows and the integration of a historic boundary wall ensured a sensitive approach, respecting key views into, around and through the site.

Inside, each apartment is carefully curated in the most considered, creative, and playful way that’s full of design flair and a contemporary, sophisticated aesthetic.

Improved public realm gives occupants and the wider public the opportunity to weave their way through reopened historic closes and well-lit courtyards. This experience promotes greater connectivity and features elements of historical interpretation, a result of the regular community and stakeholder engagement, enhancing the development’s sense of place and underlining the importance of considered, sustainable urban design.

The project was completed in November 2019

For more information on the wider masterplan and links to associated projects please see King’s Stables Road

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