Conceptual Eco Village



SECTOR: All, Education & Research, Masterplanning

STATUS: Concept Design

The conceptual Eco Village proposed residential development of up to 300 homes including affordable homes.  The master planning development also includes community-based cooperative commercial and retail units, water bottling plant, distillery/microbrewery with a visitor centre, and country park for specialist recreational activities.

Designs explored providing housing of a variety of densities and scales with denser arrangements, echoing the terraces of that could once be seen on the site. The terraces aim to define the core green spaces and create local ‘centres’ that an emerging community can be built around, encouraging existing and new inhabitants to walk or cycle between defined focal points.

The four areas defined around the existing settlement are proposed to have their own character and structure to develop a ‘sense of place’ for the benefit of the community. Each housing area will include its local distinctiveness, visual quality and have a specific social and or economic activity at its core.

The Water bottling plant was designed to reflect the aspirations and green credentials of the operation, hidden within the topography a Portal frame design spans between a series of walls set perpendicular to the site’s topography, allowing for minimal visual impact on the surrounding landscape.

we let our buildings speak for themselves


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