Exploring Architecture in the Art Department

Exploring Architecture in the Art Department

On Thursday 16th of June, senior pupils welcomed visiting architects from a local company in Edinburgh into the art and design department!

Architects from Fletcher Joseph Associates gave pupils the opportunity to discuss career paths in art and design and to investigate what life is like as an architect. Topics such as university life and the skills that are needed to be a successful architect were covered including: the importance of teamwork, management, technical and communication skills and cultivating creativity in the workplace. Pupils also asked what a real day in the life of an architect looks like. Both architects presented a range of exciting projects they were working on and demonstrated the broad range pathways within architecture, interior design and other creative industries such as graphic design. Discussions also demonstrated how the skills developed in their Advanced Higher and Higher Art and Design courses will be applied in a career in architecture.

School 2

School 3

The teachers and architects devised a short task based on turning design brief and client requirements into a successful concept for a bus shelter.  Pupils worked in pairs to design a Bus Stop for the 44 bus outside Currie High school that was creative, interesting and most importantly, would ensure five people were kept warm and dry while they waited.  Following development of sketch proposals, the students created a scale concept model in order to then present their novel ideas to the visiting Architects.

Overall the challenge was met with energy and enthusiasm and generated some promising results!

Pupil reaction included:

‘This really helped with my career choices as the information given was relevant to the career I want to go into. I enjoyed the task we were given to do and I was able to gain key information about architecture in general.’

‘I had fun and I really enjoyed the bus project. I felt a really understood the reality of an Architects job, and what they do!’

‘I felt it helped me decided whether architecture or a job in design was a career path for me’

‘It was enjoyable as we had lots of freedom to create. It was interesting to see the process through university into a job.’


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